A Bite… and Chained for Life?


A lot of women suffer from menstrual cramps and take all kinds of medication to kill the pains.

Once upon a time I used to suffer a lot every month when my period was due(most ladies will understand). I tried several doctors, hospitals and painkillers but the pain was always severe. There were times I used hot water bottles and ice cubes to massage my abdomen just to get relieved of the pain. The story never changed. Anytime my period was over, I am excited and jubilate like a prisoner who has been freed from prison. After speaking with one of my doctor friends about the situation, he gave me some green and yellow capsules to swallow. These capsules were to help kill the pain and make me feel better. He asked me to swallow one in the morning and one in the evening for just a day. I swallowed two in the morning and two in the evening for three consecutive days with the mind that it would work faster and better and the pain will die faster. The pain died alright, I felt better too so I felt good and continued taking the capsules. I was very active with no pains and felt my problem was solved, little did I know I was in for the worst.

About twenty-four hours after taking the last dose, I felt restless! And that was about

Tramadol is similar to opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.

12am! I couldn’t sleep, neither could I lie down quietly. I couldn’t even toss and roll on my bed. I eventually had to get up and walk up and down till daybreak. In about 48 hours times, I was feeling inactive and down.Being a good patient, I decided to report to my doctor, he advised that I drink a lot of water and eat a lot too to help me gain some energy but warned me not take the capsules again. Then I decided to ask the name of the medicine…Then the bombshell was dropped, I have been taking almighty TRAMADOL!!! which is also known as tramol, young people in different places also have different names Yes, I have abused Tramol, out of carelessness and ignorance. Like most people, I didn’t even bother to read the inscription on the pack of the medicine that was given to me by my doctor friend.

In the past, we all thought narcotic drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other

People were noted for abusing narcotic drugs in the past…

were the only drugs people abuse. Unfortunately, the abuse of basic medicines like paracetamol, aspirin, and others is higher than we can imagine. Attention has been drawn to the most abused medicine in Ghana and beyond; TRAMADOL. Interestingly, many of us do not even realise that we are doing the wrong thing when it comes to medications. Even when we know it’s wrong, we do not regard it as anything. In my mind, I tell myself let me do it for only today, it won’t spoil anything.

Governments and Non-governmental organisations including individuals have fought hard, laws were passed, people were punished, all to help reduce drug abuse, but it was in vain. The more we got informed about it, the more we found more dangerous medicines to take. In as much as a lot of young people are taking these medicines, it’s alarming what they take them with. Some actually take TRAMADOL with energy drinks like storm and rush. You’ll be surprised to hear the wonders they work with these combinations. Prescription drug misuse is very much common in adults than in youths while recreational drug abuse is high among youths. Nevertheless, there has been a drastic increase in the number of young people who abuse prescription medication lately. Sometimes, it is out of ignorance, but often its sheer carelessness; like taking a medication prescribed for someone because we have similar symptoms.
There are a lot of campaigns to stop the abuse of tramadol and other drugs

There are several reasons why people start using drugs; some of these reasons are that they will take them to fit in their peers, others will use them to help them improve their energy and athletic performance. Others will use them as a way to fight depression and deal with extreme feelings of anxiety. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets the first time I listened to one of the interviews between Nana Aba Anamoah and some of the young men who take TRAMADOL. For some of them, they want to be able to have sex with their girlfriends throughout the night. According to one of them, it doesn’t make sense to spend so much on a lady and last for just 2 or 3 minutes in the bedroom (You have to get value for money). For some of them too, they want to be able to have sex with a lot of ladies without getting tired. Quite scary right?. Others also want to boost their energy to be able to do whatever work they want to do for long hours. Did you know poor communication between parents and children can lead to drug abuse? Children who have discussions with their parents on drug abuse are less likely to abuse drugs than children who do not have any such conversations with their parents. Most parents do not realise that discussing some of these topics with their children will go a long way to save their lives and that of others in the society. For some teenagers, low self-esteem can make them abuse drugs too! Look at all the adverts we see about body shapes and sizes, young people may be tempted to take medicines to achieve the desired bodies they see in adverts.

There’s no doubt that abusing drugs has a lot of effects on both the individual and the

A lot of people who are suffering from mental health issues are as a result of drug abuse

economy.Misuse of these drugs and substances affects the individual’s judgment and ability to think. These also have complex medical, psychological and social issues.The society also suffers greatly because many strong and able men who have the strength to work to improve the economy engage in the use and trafficking of drugs. Resources which could have been used t develop our communities are used to fight and prevent drug abuse and therefore resulting in the decline of the economy.

I think that if religious leaders (especially church leaders and Islamic leaders (most people are afraid of their religious leaders more than laws)) should add their voice to the already loud voices of people like Nana Aba and GHOne, Nana Ama McBrown, the National Youth Authourity (NYA) and musician Shaundem who are already championing the cause to drum home the message on Tramadol and other substance abuse, many people will be saved from this slow killer. You’ll be dumbfounded if you listen to real-life stories of how people have tried and tried and tried to stop drugs with little to no success. Just because they can’t survive a moment without the drug. Some have been to rehabs and it’s not any better. While we still have the opportunity, why not save ourselves the trouble by staying away. What if you take that one bite and get chained for life. Remember life is just one and getting addicted to a drug will surely not give you the best you want from this life.
Will you have a bite… and be chained for life? The choice is absolutely yours…

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  1. It’s better to have 3 minutes of sex and live long than have 1 hour sex and die early. Lets prioritise our health

  2. Value for money indeed!!
    The harder the better lolxx
    Let’s adhere to prescriptions, everyone
    #stop tramadol abuse

    1. Indeed keep hitting hard. 🤣🤣I’ll be around to hold you down when TRAMADOL takes effect on you and the doctors need some one to hold you down for an injection

  3. The pharmacists wanting to make more sales will sell drugs that needs prescription from a medical personel to their customers knowing perfectly the dangers it poses.

  4. Oh my dear you can say again. In cases where they don’t want to sell we give them so many stories, let’s blame them and blame ourselves too. God save us from this situation

  5. I’ve got my own experience of tramol…wasn’t cool at all..we just need to fight the abuse of drugs. Nice piece Sugar👍💪

  6. Great Job Sugar.
    We all have a role to play in fighting the abuse of drugs.
    We can do it.

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