I Cannot Stay in School

IMG-20160216-WA0017I am a rural school child. I don’t want to hear the word school. I don’t want to go to school. My friends from the urban centres   tell a lot of exciting stories about schoolsin uran areas. They tell of all the fun they have in school. The beautiful playground, the serene school environment, the interesting activities and the wonderful, caring and loving teachers.

I was excited to hear all but got disappointed on my first day at school. The school environment was not as serene as I expected. The school building looks like a neglected city. When it rains, the rooms are fulled with water because the roofs are all leaking. During break, theres nothing to play with. The teachers are so mean and unfriendly ready to strike at the least mistake. During lessons, textbooks are very few and I have to fight with my colleagues for few torn books. 

When I see other school children from urban centres, IIMG-20160216-WA0018 ask the difference between them and I.  When I hear them speak, I marvel at their intelligence.  What kind of teachers could be teaching them? Is it me who is stupid or my location does not give me the kind of  opportunities they have? Would I be like them some day? Will I get the kind of love they receive from their teachers some day?  Why don’t I get their kind of teachers? 

Screenshot_2016-02-10-20-26-35-1I would rather stay at home and go to the farm than to stay in school and be beaten.  I will be happy to go to sea and fish than to stay in a wretched school environment. I prefer to go and break stones among friendly people in the hot afternoon than to stay 7 to 8 hours a day with people who cold and mean. I prefer to be free and happy…

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