So I decided to take a walk through town one early morning a few days after the first Saturday of the month and it was an eyesore.  This is actually nothing to write home about. But someone definately has to write something home about it. That unfortunate person happens to be me. What has happened to our sense of reasoning? Gutters are choked with sand, grass and the chief of all is rubbish! Plastic waste! Right in the middle of town!20160309_065302

In an era where plastic is recycled,  our gutters are still choked with this waste. Empty water sachets are recycled into bags and many others. It’s a source of livelihood for some people.  Why don’t we package them after drinking water and hand over to those who go around picking them? Or better still give them back to the those from whom we buy the water, they know who to give them to.

20160309_065422.jpgSadly, some parents do not know that when they are with their children and they dispose off waste anyhow, the children are learning from them. So they throw waste out of their cars in the presence of their children.  What kind of leaders are we training for our future? What are we leaving for future generations of this country? 

Surprisingly, government has made a lot of efforts to reduce this social cancer to no avail. There are a lot of adverts on both print and electronic media educating people on how best to handle waste. Everyone seem to be talking about keeping the environment clean, so the question is; What could the problem be? Who are those still littering? Why does this negative social issue still exist if everyone seem to know it’s effects.

20160309_065330.jpgin case some of us have forgotten,  let me please remind you that the cause of floods is mainly because the ground I’d pregnant with plastic waste and water cannot penetrate quickly anytime it rains. Who knows, you could be the next victim of flood or it could be me. Could we have asked for anything better than a country so rich in natural resources? It does not cost a penny to litter around, it does not cost a penny not to litter around but will surely cost us a lot if we don’t take precautions to a very this.

20160309_070033Don’t say you can’t do anything about the situation. the next time you see someone dropping waste materials on the ground, politely draw her or his attention. And remember not to drop yours! The change starts with you.  Start from your little corner somewhere, I’ll start from mine here and together we can have a clean Ghana!  You are the change you need!

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