i wish i knew

pregn.jpgas a young growing girl, i wish i knew  that i had to be content with what i have

i wish i knew that the little my parents gave me was just enough what i needed

i wish i knew that i cannot be like my friends, that they were who they were and i am who i am

i wish i knew that i did not have to please my friends ro do what they wanted me to do

i wish i knew that all what the gentleman was telling me was not true

i wish i knew that what my parents were telling was because they wanted the best for me

what did i get from that?

preg fatherless unhealthy children  

no good sleeping place, no job to take care of my children

where is that gentleman who promised me heaven and earth? 

now i bite my fingers and regret for the wasted time

i bow down my head when i see my classmates

it is too too late for me

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