Holiday Safety Tips

    it is that time of the year again

It’s that time of the year again, with a lot of festivities. People have travelled long distances, and some are still travelling to meet with family and friends to celebrate the festive season with them. A lot of parties/concerts are have been organised, both free and paid parties, and a lot of us will be in attendance. This is the period a lot of people have the most fun in their lifetime. This is as well the “Easter season” for some folks as some “Judases” will “kill” some “Jesuses”. Yes, some people will use this opportunity to get rid of their friends or betray them just like Judas did to Jesus, with a sign of love, a kiss!

Here are a few tips to remember as you go about the festivities. I am not an expert in the topic, but some of you may find this very useful, if you know these already too, I just want to remind you.

First of all, be careful about the kind of vehicles you board. I recall Madam Mary Akumey, who was

What is the state of your vehicle you are sitting in?

the President of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), where I did my first degree. She often offered pieces of advice to us anytime we were leaving school for holidays. One of such advices which I hold dear to my heart was to always check any vehicle carefully before boarding it. She said that even though it will not be possible to check the internal mechanisms such as engines, we can always look at the tyres and body before boarding the vehicles. Accidents are unplanned, but we can prevent them sometimes or avoid them if we take safety precautions seriously.

Aunty Mary, as we fondly called her, mentioned that we should as well check who the driver is before boarding the car. If he/she looks suspicious, do not board the vehicle. The options available might be relatively expensive. For example, you might have to wait longer at the bus terminal to get a safer car or travel farther to get a more reliable means of transportation. She also said if the drivers are over speeding, we should not be afraid to caution them.

Let someone know where you are

The second thing to watch out for is who we hang out with, the time and the location. No matter who you are hanging out with, keep someone informed. It could be a friend or a family member. Most people have disappeared during festive seasons such as this, and no one knows their whereabout till date. The best anyone can do when you go missing in such a situation is to give the police a vivid description of the last outfit they saw in and the place you were last seen in.

Just imagine that you are lots of kilometers away from the last location someone saw you. The search would be more directed towards that area other than any other places. This is why it is important to keep at least one person informed about your movement. Also, let them know who you are with, especially if you smell something fishy. We have heard stories of people who have killed very close family members or friends who they trusted, don’t be a victim. Even if you fall victim to such, the perpetrator should be found and dealt with.

As much as possible, take along your drink with you if you are to leave the table. If it’s impossible to

Watch your own drink, if possible, dont drink at all

take it with you, then don’t take it on return. You never know what others have planned against you. The fact that you trust them doesn’t mean they trust you too. It’s sad that no matter the amount of education given to us about it, people still end up with poisoning from “friends”. Someone ever told me she doesn’t carry her drink because she feels the people she shares a table with might feel unhappy with her decision to take her drink along with her. What about the fact that it could be your life saver? People who love you will even encourage you to carry your drink when you leave the table. If anyone is uncomfortable with that, you should be curious to know why. ‘Look after my drink for me’ has killed so many people. While watch my drink should be your savior, in most cases, it turns out to be the death warrant of many people.

Wear a nose mask when you go out

Don’t forget to wear your nose mask when you go out. Remember, Covid-19 is still with us. There are a lot of reported cases of respiratory tract infections. You can never know when or how you will get into contact with a disease-causing organism. When you wear a mask, you are not only protecting yourself, you’re protecting the people around you as well. So, as you step out, you may want to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth properly. Make sure it covers your nose, chin, and mouth.

For those travelling, keep your neighbours informed so they keep an eye on your residence in your absence. Or better still, the family could split into two, one group watches over the residence while the group embarks on the journey. Upon their return, the other group can as well go. But if you all have to leave the house, don’t post about it on social media. And do not keep the keys around the house where they could be found easily. Make sure to lock your doors, windows, and any other access points to your residence. Even if they succeed in breaking in, it shouldn’t be a walk in the park.

A lot of people travel around this time

The things happening around us these days are very scary and we all have to be our own keepers first, remember the saying, “Everyone for himself, God for us all.” We have the security agencies and other services who are responsible for our safety, that does not mean we should throw caution to the wind. Learn to take care of your own safety. If you have taken some of these things for granted, pay attention to them now. We are all going to die anyway but let us leave this earth at our destined time.

Happy Holidays everyone! CHEERS!!!

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