the world of a growing girl

big girls develop themselves

as a growing girl, your needs are many, you wish to be like the sexy model you see on tv. you want to put on the latest clothes you see your colleagues wear and wear the best footwear. you want to hold the latest handbags. you want to attend all the big parties and attend all the dinners and sit in all the big cars. you want to hold the latest phone and tablet and be the first on any new social media. you want to eat pizza, ice cream, burger and so on. you just want to be a big girl

but is that what life is all able? there is more to it than wear fancy clothes and catwalk! yes there are more to life; why don’t your develop yourself? engage in activities that open your mind, read books, listen to motivational talks and girl, you are on your way to being a bigger girl.

aspire to own your car and not sit in someone’s.

aspire to dress decently and be accepted for the way you dress

develop yourself and earn your own money 

buy yourself a phone that you actually need

and we will respect you for that!

you can do it young lady! just do it your own way

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